About Us

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We are… Eugene Phillips & Montserrat Wassam

  • Love of water
  • Love of structure and form
  • Love of Magic
  • Love of creating Environmental Still Lives

We fell in love during the biggest storm of the year as we sat soaking in wild hot springs on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, waves crashing against the boulders spraying us with sea mist! Then nonchalantly Eugene handed me some hot sake!

Montse & Jeep @ Miyazaki

Clearly our passion for water is a uniting force and as most living creatures come from water in one way or another, so did the seed of our relationship. Eugene, a world traveler, visionary, photographer, designer and builder for over 40 years with a particular interest in historic

restorations, meets Montserrat who was brought up in Paris France, artist, writer, wedding officiate and journeyman in the convention industry for 30 years.

Then came the Miyazaki Bath House, a dilapidated but fascinatingly ghostly building with trees growing out of the baths. There were no walls, the sky was the ceiling, and we fell in love with it!

It took 8 years to complete the restoration of the local Ofuro, the heartbeat of the old Japanese community, now a town that we call “a ghost town that is lived in” along with the sister town of Locke.

It was a huge labor of love, and we now look at it as a 6 dimensional canvas that the 2 of us created together. We invite you to be charmed in a most unique and delightful way!