Walnut Grove Now

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Walnut Grove Now

around-wg-001In the last 3 years, Walnut Grove has experienced a renaissance with roughly 800 inhabitants, a mix of old world farming families, farm workers, artists, teachers and more.

Steeped in intriguing history, one can sense that this is a salt of the earth kind of community with the Sacramento River running right through the middle of it.

We have two wonderful annual Japanese festivals that are put on by the Buddhist church. The Buddhist bazaar and Obon, which is full of lovely traditional Japanese dances.

Still… as soon as you come into town you feel as if you have travelled back in time and space and maybe another country.

Many historic buildings have had new life breathed into them with active and interesting businesses, all while maintaining the historic integrity of the buildings and town . It still has the charm of an old ghost village which has only been enhanced by the artists who have set up shops and galleries here, making it an interesting and enjoyable place to visit. The neighboring historic town of Locke, is also enjoying the same vibrant influx.

Besides art and music, we have an active boat dock from which to explore beautiful hidden sloughs and hidden swimming spots, several historic wedding venues, places to eat, ferry hopping and bucolic roads for bicycling and walking.

May – October we have first Friday art walks when all the galleries are open from 5 – 8 pm creating a fun and social scene.